Winner 2019 / Books / Children books

Tetaan Buri and Bokaa Buri

  • Prize
    Winner in Children books / Books
  • University
    Pearl Academy
  • Designer
    Krishna Priya Santra
  • Credits
    Pearl Academy and Project Mentor - Shilpi Burman

Experience the rich Bengali culture through a visually evocative picture book for young and young at heart. This story comes straight from the heart of Bengal, rich in various forms of art and storytelling. Through a kaleidoscope of colours and material, the evocative imagery is designed to provide a treat to the readers who are young and young at heart. This project promotes the revival of regional stories from India for young children as a way of nurturing awareness, appreciation and respect both for their own culture and the cultures of others.

I am a graphic designer who loves getting her hands dirty in materials and paints. Mixed Media is an exciting area for me since my school days. Natural colors, smell of earth, listening to bird chirping and so many other things that triggers the creative instinct in me to express stories. Story telling, illustrations ,playing with different materials and typography are fun places where I can free myself to originate with creativity. I have very recently graduated and I wish to explore and take forward the idea of storytelling through different mediums.