Winner 2019 / Photography / Books

Unusual Visions

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    Winner in Books / Photography
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    Emiliano Pinnizzotto
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    Emiliano Pinnizzotto
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    Photo by: Emiliano Pinnizzotto

This book gathers together four different reportages, four stories of another India, different, unusual, and sometimes far from the collective imagination. The last Head Hunters of Nagaland (a group of warriors who, to increase their own power in the village, used to carry out the ritual decapitation of the enemy); The Malla Yuddha, the ancient Indian wrestling in mud; The "Naga Baba" the highest expression of Indian asceticism, and the scourge of opium in the Indian-Myanmar border, where a third of the men of these villages are now addicted and slaves to opium.

Emiliano Pinnizzotto is a Photoreporter and Visual Journalist, based in Rome, Italy. Born in Rome on 25 June 1983 started to taking pictures since as a child. Through the years began to direct his passion toward photo-reportage especially in social, anthropology, and travel photography. With his images he takes cares about the traditional and spiritual aspect of different people and cultures that he meets in journeys. He has a particular focus on the light when he takes photos, always use the natural light present in the place.