Winner 2019 / Packaging / Luxury products


  • Prize
    Winner in Luxury products / Packaging
  • Company
  • Designer
    Nina Stanley, Chief Creative Officer
  • Design Team
    Nina Stanley, Chief Creative Officer; Donald Wilmer, Design Director

The challenge: Reinvent and elevate how Arcudi wine is delivered to exclusive members. Our solution: A limited-edition package fashioned from chocolate brown, soft-touch paper. This package, designed to safely and elegantly carry three wine bottles, also acts as an artful display upon opening. The white-on-white wine labels are foil-stamped and printed on eggshell-finished paper. Each bottle has a distinguished black, foil-stamped “A” around its cork. Each member receives a handwritten note from the winemaker himself on uncoated, eggshell-finished paper foil-stamped with the Arcudi logo.