Winner 2019 / Books / Limited Edition Books


  • Prize
    Winner in Limited Edition Books / Books
  • Company
  • Designer
    Nina Stanley, Chief Creative Officer
  • Design Team
    Nina Stanley, Chief Creative Officer; Donald Wilmer, Design Director
  • Credits
    Ben Levy, Creative Director of Copy

The culmination of 15 years of passion and design, the MODifesto is both a statement and an invitation. As a piece of visual and tactile design, the pure white book encourages the eyes and hands to explore texture and light. All content is embossed — with each touch and turn of the page, the interplay of light and shadow reveal new information. The words within speak to the agency’s core values of curiosity, design, science and searching for talent from all walks of life. An open letter not just to what makes up the culture of MOD, but what drives the ethos behind the work they make.